Grades and Transcripts


The grade received by the student is based on criteria established by the UMD faculty member and approved by the respective UMD department. The final grade received and recorded is determined by the CITS high school teacher.

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Grade Changes:

A change of grade can occur under the following conditions:

Students complete the work necessary to remove an “I” (Incomplete) from their record; or

The petition process is completed and approval to change the grade granted due to extenuating circumstances.


A UMD transcript is created upon registration and students are assigned a University of Minnesota unique identification (ID) number in order to access grades and request transcripts.

Current high school students:

Students may view or print their unofficial transcript online or request a copy in person at One Stop Student Services, 23 Solon Campus Center. Students are limited to one unofficial copy per day. 

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After high school graduation:

Students should request an official UMD transcript online by visiting the UMD One Stop Site. Students will be directed to create a Parchment account, and a $15 fee is assessed for each official transcript ordered. Other options: Students may request an official transcript in person at One Stop Student Services, 23 Solon Campus Center, or mail a completed request with a $15 check payable to UMD for each official transcript. 

Credit Transfer

Upon successful completion of a CITS course, students earn credit for high school graduation requirements as well as University of Minnesota credits. These credits can count towards completion of undergraduate requirements through UMD and other University of Minnesota degree programs. If the student does not wish to attend college through the University of Minnesota, the student can attempt to transfer the credits to the school they plan to attend.

Check out Transferology to see how your UMD credits transfer to other colleges and universities.

90% of UMD credits completed through UMD’s CITS program are recognized or accepted at other U.S. colleges/universities.* Recognition by another college/university is at the discretion of that institution. Students should provide CITS syllabi and graded work samples for evaluation to the college/university adviser as requested to ensure UMD CITS credit recognition. Upon request, UMD CITS staff will provide information about the CITS program, the UMD course, and the course grading criteria to your college/university adviser.

*Based on annual CITS surveys completed by past high school graduates