UMD CITS Teacher Responsibilities

UMD CITS Teacher Responsibilities

  • Participate in annual course-specific training workshops. Attendance is mandatory at the annual professional development workshop held each August. Teachers who are unable to attend must make arrangements with CITS program staff to attend a one to one workshop with their designated faculty liaison. If a teacher develops a pattern of repeated absences over a two-year period, the CITS UMD Faculty Liaison or CITS Director will discuss the situation with the instructor and may notify the high school administration of the problem. If participation does not improve, see non-compliance policy.
  • Prior to the first year of teaching in the program, new CITS instructors work closely with their UMD faculty mentor and attend new instructor training/orientation. 
  • Participate in UMD campus visits and customized training.
  • Inform students of testing dates and deadlines for papers and projects on the course syllabus, approved by the UMD faculty mentor prior to the beginning of the term. 
  • Before the first day of the semester, but no later than one week into the start of the semester, the course syllabus is shared with the designated faculty liaison for review and approval. 
  • Use UMD approved textbook(s) and curriculum.
  • Use UMD course-specific grading rubric to determine UMD grades.
  • Notify students of their progress on a routine basis, especially prior to the deadline to withdraw from the course-before the end of the tenth week of the semester.
  • Post UMD grades on MyU, Faculty Center, within 3 working days of the end of the course. 
  • Provide instructions to students on how to access the UMD approved online course evaluation module. 
  • Teach at least one term of a CITS course each year or by special arrangement.

Non-Compliance Policy:

All CITS Teaching Specialist faculty members are expected to adhere to UMD CITS policies and procedures as well as to the University of Minnesota course outcomes, academic rigor, and assessment standards. Failure to do so is considered non compliance.

If minor issues arise, they will be addressed on a case by case basis by the faculty liaison, the CITS Coordinator, and/or the CITS Director.

If significant issues arise, the following steps will be taken:

  1. The CITS coordinator will schedule a meeting with the instructor, the faculty liaison, the high school Principal, and the CITS Director. The issues will be addressed, and a corrective action plan will be created.
  2. The faculty liaison and the CITS coordinator will work together to follow up with the CITS instructor as outlined in the action plan to determine if the issues have been resolved. 
  3. If non compliance issues remain even after following up, the CITS Director will notify the CITS instructor and the high school principal that the course will be cancelled for the next academic year. In addition, he CITS instructor will no longer be eligible to instruct that course through the UMD CITS program.